We’ll cut right to the chase — making a film is expensive. This film is solidly classified as a micro-budget documentary, and yet, the cost of things like equipment rentals, travel, and insurance add up.

Our first phase of production was the Sky Is Red tour — the cross-country road trip that took us to interview around eighty people over a four-month period in 2018. In this phase, we spent $123K (see tour budget below) — the $77K we were amazingly supported with via Kickstarter (thank you for your generosity!) minus fees, around $10K in generous individual donations, and around $36K out of pocket.

So we’re currently working hard to recoup the funds we took out in loans before we move onto our next phase of production. Along the way, we’ve also edited a 10-minute sample, which screened at the USA Ultimate 50th Anniversary celebration in San Diego, CA in October 2018. And we’ve put together a 4-minute teaser trailer for a glimpse at the incredible stories we’ve captured so far.

The remainder of our filming will consist of following up with our main subjects — as it goes with documentary storytelling, we plan to show the passage of time and how our subjects navigate the events in their lives. After that, we aim to be done with editing by the end of 2020, and will be seeking distribution in 2021.

As you can imagine, we need a lot more funds to finish filming and editing the feature-length film. In order to finish filming, editing, and distributing this film, we need a total of $500K. We’re working hard to secure investors and grants so that we can capture these stories as they’re still happening — time is of the essence!

If you know anyone who works in film distribution, or someone with a lot of money looking for a meaningful project to support, please put them directly in contact with the producers at skyisredfilm AT gmail DOT com. Thank you ❤

Here’s our Phase 1 production budget:

Camera Equipment
Sound Equipment
Misc. Equipment
Van Purchase
Gas/Food on Tour
Hard Drives
Cinematographer Rate
Sound Mixer Rate
Crew Travel Costs
Lawyer Fees
Production Insurance
Car Insurance
Production Accountant
Graphic Design
Misc. Costs