Savage Ultimate, January 2018

Checking in on The Sky Is Red documentary with Julia Johnson” by Erica Curran

Ultimate fans everywhere have been buzzing about the trailer for a new documentary that promises to tell the untold story of racial, class, and gender equity in the sport of ultimate frisbee. We talked to The Sky Is Red documentary producer Julia Johnson about her background in ultimate and filmmaking, and the next steps for this much-anticipated documentary.

Burn It All Down, July 2018

Episode 64: Bad NFL Anthem Policies, Inspirational Nassar Survivors, and Julia Johnson on Ultimate Frisbee

Kickstarter, October 2017

Projects We Love

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The Ultimate Podcast, January 2018

Episode 32: Brittany Kaplan, Lili Gu and The Sky Is Red

Get to know two of the creators of The Sky is Red as they discuss how they found the sport, their goals in creating this film and why they continue to stay involved with the ultimate community. We also cover some storylines about the upcoming Premier Ultimate League, including the announcement of its latest franchise.

Skyd Magazine, November 2017

“Moments, Movement, and Momentum”

It’s tough to think about the push for gender, race, and class equity as having “a moment.” Systemic oppression has existed, inside and outside of ultimate, enduringly. Movement towards equity has been most indispensable outside the world of ultimate because out there, it impacts people more urgently. It’s all-encompassing. It’s life and death.