Current Status

Hi everyone,

We hope you’re doing great! We’re writing with an update on The Sky Is Red film and Kickstarter campaign, and to thank you for your patience while we simultaneously work on the film and distribute campaign perks. We also have THIS FORM that we really need everyone who won a Kickstarter perk to fill out. It will take less than a minute to fill out, and will make our lives so so much easier. 

An update first — making a film is HARD! Your contributions and support have gotten us through an imperative step in our process, and we were able to capture lots of beautiful footage and incredible stories that were singular to the times and places we traveled to. With that footage, we were able to put together a jam-packed ten-minute labor-of-love sample, which we were excited to screen at USA Ultimate’s 50th Anniversary of Ultimate event to a large, enthusiastic crowd. Our plan is to use this sample, along with a trailer we’ll be dropping on social media in mid-December, to raise enough capital to revisit some of our main subjects with a camera crew again and to edit and finish the feature film by the end of 2020. It’s a grand vision, and we’re filled with optimism that we’ll be able to raise the money we need to finish filming, editing, and sharing these stories with the world.

Even as we keep grinding on the film, as a small crew, we’re still catching up on a lot of residual work from being on the road. One of those big things is getting Kickstarter perks out to everyone. Due to the amazing number of people who donated (over 1250!), and the fact that we live in different places and are working full-time jobs, getting these perks out is taking a while. To be quite honest, we overestimated how long it would take us. Some of the timing has also been contingent on vendors and donor companies. We’ve appreciated your patience, and are writing to let you know that we’re making a big push to deliver the perks we have access to by the end of the calendar year.

Some of you have asked how you can help us at this stage of the project. Thank you for asking! Here are three ways you can help us a ton:

1) Keep an eye out on social media: Keep following us on Twitter, Instagram (@skyisredfilm), and Facebook, which we are using to raise funds to finish filming with our main subjects.
2) Share our trailer and website: We’re releasing a first-look trailer, along with a website, in mid-December. Please share them when they drop!
3) Connect us to investors: We are also looking for people, groups of people, and companies to directly invest in this film. This could be anyone who works in film distribution or someone with a lot of money looking for a great cause to give to. If you know of anyone, please pass our project along to them, or put us directly in contact! The best way to reach us directly is

We hope you’re taking care of yourself and your loved ones, and that you have a happy holiday season. We’re glad to be ramping back up with updates and can’t wait to share our trailer with you. Don’t forget to fill out the FORM!

With love, 

Brittany, Julia, & Lili 

Producers, The Sky Is Red